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I have received a lot of emails from people who are trying to implement Music Players on their websites. The individual web pages and tutorials seem to help with the construction but a lot appear to have trouble with the concept of uploading the folder containing the music files and the player assets.

Figure [1] below shows the contents of a folder containing some MP3 files and the player assets for the Simple Flash Player. In this case the player assets are the audio- player.js and the player.swf. Each MP3 file has a different icon relating to the application in which it was created or the one it can be played in.

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FTP = File Transfer Protocol


Above is a screenshot of my FTP application Yummy. In the preferences I have set the application to upload using Unicode (UTF-8).

I have clicked on the destination on the server side of the application which is the folder

When I click on the FlashPlayer2 folder that you can see on my desktop, the arrow in the top left corner of Yummy points upwards. If I click this arrow, the FlashPlayer2 folder will be uploaded.

My other option is to simply drag the folder from the desktop and either drop it onto the iwebformusicians folder icon on the server or drop it onto empty space in the second column.

Clicking on the FlashPlayer folder on the server side shows me the contents.

You can see how this application allows me to look at any folder on my Mac or the server all in one place.

To link to any song file in a folder, use the URL......

Here’s a download button for you.

Control click it to download it to your desktop.