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A website banner is a beast that scrolls, flashes, flips and glides without the viewer having to do anything or have any control over its behavior.

A slideshow displays images in an organized way and the end user can control the display using navigation and/or thumbnails.

There's a huge variety of each type out there so, in this section of iWeb for Musicians, I'm going to look at some of the ones that are reasonably easy to create and get onto a webpage.

The scrolling text on this page uses a javascript rather than the simple marquee method. This will display in most modern browsers and can be stopped on mouse over. You can get the script HERE.

The only addition I made to the code was to specify the font size and color.

var marqueecontent='<nobr><font face="Verdana" size="8" color="White">Banner Text Here</font></nobr>'

Banner versus Slideshow

This irritating device is a text flash banner created with Text-Osterone, exported as a SWF and displayed on the page using an iFrame code referencing the .swf file.

Click the icon for more info.

Try this online Flash Banner Maker - http://www.flashbannernow.com/

Spinning Cube Flash Banner - http://www.photocube3d.com/

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Find out how to create banners in the How To Build A Custom Website ebook ...

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