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The iWeb Photos page template is very convenient for quickly adding images to a page and automatically creating a slideshow with most of the required features. Click HERE for an example.

How to modify the iWeb built in slideshow

Slideshow Assets and Javascript

Some of the assets for this slideshow are kept on the MobileMe server. Unless Apple makes them available after the demise of MobileMe, those of us who host elsewhere will find that the slideshow has some missing attributes.

There’s a couple of ways to overcome this. Both require that you upload a folder containing these assets to the root folder on your server and modify the iWPopUpSlideshow.js file.

Click HERE to download the assets. Upload the “slideshow” folder to the root folder on your server so that the URL to this folder is - http://www.domain.com/slideshow/    This is the Base URL.

Method [1]

This method is fairly permanent and requires that you modify the iWPopUpSlideshow.js file contained inside the iWeb package. Comprehensive instructions for this are available on Old Toad’s Tutorial website.

Method [2]

The version of the iWPopUpSlideshow.js contained in the published files can be modified if you don’t want to dig inside the iWeb package. This file can be found in the local published folder by following the path - Home Folder/Sites/Website Folder/Scripts/

Note: Sites is a default location and you would substitute the actual location in this path.

Open the file in a text editor and replace the URL in this line...

baseURL="http://www.me.com/1/slideshow/"     ... with...   baseURL="http://www.domain.com/slideshow/"   ... and

dragTool=$(appendImage(dragTool,'http://www.me.com/1/slideshow/images/dragger.gif'    ... with...


Now save then drag and drop this file into the Scripts folder.

Note: This has to be done every time you publish changes to the site so keep a copy of this modified file for that purpose so that you don’t have to modify it on each occasion.

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