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Sell Your Music on the Internet


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If you really want to be a store keeper and retail your own music, welcome to the world of ECommerce!

You can have a simple “Buy Now” button on your webpage to a full blown store with shopping cart.

Third Party Site


When you hit the big time and are selling worldwide and want to accept payment in different currencies, go look at Kagi.

Their Digital Content solution gets you the protection of user serial numbers to stop people ripping off your stuff.

Build Your Own

PayPal is probably the easiest way to sell direct from your website. Click the button to find out more.

Using a service like Mal’s E-Commerce you can add a shopping cart and lots of other “professional” features.

Click the icons to find out more.

Do your own research by Googling for “free shopping cart”.

You can build your own store using third party software. Use one that allows you to FTP the result to your server.

Search in Version Tracker and MacUpdate under “web store”, “e commerce” etc.


Digital Content


To create your own downloads page, find out how in the iWeb for Musicians EBook

lala.com is fast becoming one of THE places to promote and market your music.  To be found in the new Google Music Search - Onebox - indie musicians should make sure that their digital distributor gets their music into lala.com. If you distribute through CD Baby, this is a done deal.

Find out how it works - http://www.lala.com/#howitworks


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Copyright © Roddy McKay - 2009 - All Rights Reserved