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How to get your music OUT THERE

Gone are the days when the independent musician had to find a One Stop Wholesaler, a Promoter and hound the stores to stock their CD.

The internet has changed all this and today the main decision is whether or not to bother with a physical CD.

CD manufacturing costs a lot of money and, as the years go by, CD sales are falling and MP3 downloads are increasing.

If you are aiming at the Baby Boomers, it may be worth releasing a CD but their children won't want one.

Now that cars are being fitted with MP3 playing ability and every second person has an iPod, who needs another coaster!

There are plenty of independent internet music retailers out there who will be more than willing to stock your CD if that’s what you want to do.

Perhaps the best known is CD Baby who distribute world wide.

Another one that I have used is IndieRhythm.

Click their icons to see what they can do for you.

If you really want a CD to sell at Gigs and in stores make sure you choose a reliable manufacturer and get them to do the artwork if you’re not a designer.

I use Disc Makers and have found them to be excellent.

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