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The short answer to this question is - don't!

As an independent musician you have composed you songs, recorded them, built a website to publicize and promote your music and, in a lot of cases, are performing live as well. Don't you have enough to do? Do you really want to become a storekeeper?

The internet has changed the way we approach selling music but the steps we take to get there are the same. If you want make your songs available for digital download on the world wide web you need the services of a Distributor and a Retailer.

The Digital Music Distributor is responsible for getting your music into online retail stores, keeping track of sales and paying you. Obviously, you can only have one distributor so choose wisely!

The distributor will allow you to choose where your music will be sold. Resist the temptation to sell your songs anywhere that will take them as you need to make sure that you will be paid a fair percentage.

How can I sell music downloads from my website?

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iTunes is by far the biggest digital music retailer in the world and probably the best known and trusted by consumers. Getting your music into the iTunes Store should be your priority if you are in search of fame and fortune.

iTunes and the other giants like Napster and Amazon have the disadvantage of inflexible pricing and make it impossible to offer special offers and seasonal deals. For this reason its worth choosing a distributor who is also a retailer and allows some flexibility in pricing and packaging.

I chose to distribute my songs through CDBaby. These are available for sale on the CDBaby website as well as iTunes and a whole list of other online retailers.

On the next page I'll show you some examples of how you can help visitors to your website buy the songs.....

How to get your songs on iTunes

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