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Selling Goods and Services from your Website

When companies such as CDBaby and iTunes will sell your songs with little or no effort on your part, its hardly worth doing this yourself unless you really want to.

For other goods such as merchandise items, ebooks etc you can set up a sales page......

Clicking the image takes the visitor to a popup with more information.

Find out how to do this HERE. This example uses an html file rather than a JPEG image.

Instead of using the standard PayPal Button they can be customized.

See how to create the images HERE and the button code on the next page.

The Button dimensions defines the HTML Snippet size.

These buttons are 120 px x 32 px.

When you have several items for sale and visitors are likely to purchase more than one, its a good idea to have a View Cart Button for their convenience.

Clicking this ebook image will play a promotional movie in the popup window.

When an item can be bought in various sizes, colors etc, use the drop down menu feature.

In this case the song file can be purchased in three different file types.

Clicking the CD image will popup a page with more info and play the song.

The Website Buy Page - Features and Button Styles...

Next Page

The buttons on this page are images only. To see a “real” shopping cart with digital delivery of goods click HERE.

Give a Gift Certificate...

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Click HERE to try the Shopping Cart

Popup Movie

Popup Song & Drop Down Menu

Popup Page

Custom Button

An example of a shopping cart...

Click for Promo Movies

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Each project has a download link to a folder containing all the required files, assets and code necessary to complete it. This alone will save you a lot a time and hair pulling!

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