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How to create and send bulk Emails and Flyers

As I’ve explained elsewhere on this site, the email addresses you collect from your contact forms, album sales and fan mail should be collected in a data base and treated like gold.

Once you have gathered a following its essential to hold their interest and let them know what you are doing, why, where and when. Everyone on that list is a potential customer for your next release and paying customer at your gigs.

I’ve already outline how I keep a database and import it into SerialMailer to send out news of updates and additions to the iWeb for Musicians website and E Book on the Contact Forms page here.......


In these days of big budget advertising campaigns its sometimes necessary to add a splash of color to that special promotion.

The first step in creating an EBlast is to build a webpage with your promotional material on it complete with appropriate hyperlinks. This is fairly easily achieved using iWeb although, for simplicity, I would recommend you use a separate domain file for this.

For illustration I will call my site EBlast and the page name for the flyer ENews.

Once published to a local folder the index.html and the assets.http files can be trashed and the EBlast_files folder uploaded to the root folder on your server. The file that you are going to link to is inside the EBlast folder and, in this case, will be ENews.html

To launch this page in Safari enter the URL of the page - http://www.website.com/EBlast/ENews.html

Then, from the Safari File Menu, select “Mail Contents of This Page” as shown in figure [1].

This causes Mail to launched and, if you followed the NOTE below, all you have to do is enter the recipients address.

Jim Cortez, the author of the Tatanka Hoksila website, told me about this amazing service.

You can produce very professional EBlasts with all the necessary features and also receive comprehensive stats of the results of your campaign.

Click the icon for more information.




In figure [2] you will see that, because I entered a title tag for my page using iWeb SEO Tool before optimizing and uploading the folder, this tag not only appears in the usual position at the top of the browser window but also fills in the “Subject” field of the email.

EBlast Off

iWeb for Musicians Tutorial

For more information about EBlasts and how to import them into a bulk mailing application to more easily send out HUGE numbers, click the icon to get a copy of the iWeb for Musicians E Book which includes a tutorial on this very thing.

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