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Optimizing for Faster Download

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Optimizing Your Files

Web surfers are very impatient people and they’re not going to wait around for your web pages to crawl onto their screen.

iWeb has a tendency to create large, complicate files which means that your pages will take a long time to download, particularly in that pathetic browser Internet Explorer.

You can cut your file sizes by running them through an optimizing application. This will enable an average website to load up to 30% faster.

The application that I use - Web Site Maestro - not only optimizes the files at the speed of light but uploads them as well if you choose this option.

Although this application seems complicated at first sight, it has an easy to use setup wizard and good instructions.

Once you have it set up, its almost automatic.

It has a “smart handling” feature which, when selected, will optimize and upload the changed files only.

You will learn about the benefits of optimizing by visiting Ton Brand’s website.

Click the icon to get there.

NOTE: All Ton Brand's optimizers have had a price reduction. You can now get HTML Optimizer Plus for $22.95.

Ton Brand’s Optimizers


Those of you who haven’t the time or inclination to learn the above applications should take a serious look at WebCrusher.

This application employs the same drag and drop simplicity of iWeb.

It is so easy to use that I can’t imagine anybody having difficulty with it.

Click the icon to the right to download the demo and give it a whirl.

Is your website up to speed? Click HERE for website speed and performance checking tools.

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Page Download Speed Evaluation

The latest version of WebCrusher has new tools for helping to get your website to display better in Internet Explorer. More info -

WebCrusher scores extra points with its preview window. Here you can see if there are any discrepancies in the optimized files showing where you need to adjust preferences or set filters..

Get step by step instructions for publishing, hosting and SEO...

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