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Now you have your website - how are we going to find it?

Everybody wants to be found in a Google search. If you want to find me and you really don’t have time to type my name into the search box - click Let Me Google That For You.

Google is the #1 in the USA but you have to remember that a lot of people use Yahoo, and even MSN. If you live elsewhere, you will probably have a search engine or two that is unique to your own country and/or language.

iWeb users who seriously want to found have to start out by dumping the default navigation and doing a DIY. This is explained in the Navigation Page.

I’m going to use Google as an example but the steps are essentially the same for Yahoo etc.

[1] Let Google know that your website exists by Adding Your URL.

[2] Open a Google Account.

[3] Create and upload an HTML verification file to the main folder of your website on your server.

[4] Make yourself a SITEMAP and upload it to the same folder.

[5] Sign in to your Google account, go to your DASHBOARD, enter your URL & Sitemap to verify.

Once Google has your website URL - Uniform Resource Locator - they will send out their spiders who will follow your sitemap to find your KEYWORDS and TAGS.

Its very important to remember that, although the spiders are pretty darned smart, they cannot listen to your music, look at photos or watch movies! To help them out you need to caption your media files and tag them where possible. We’ll look at Title and Image tags in this section and how to tag your audio files in the Audio Files/Export page.

Try deleting all the images, movies, music and HTML Snippets on your webpages and then you'll get an idea of what the spiders see!


... use a splash page with an image or a movie and some music with an "Enter Site" button may look cool but is a complete disaster with regard to search engine optimization.


... include a comprehensive text description of what your site is about - for both spiders and humans - on the Home page of your website.

Google penalizes slow loading websites. Optimize your files for faster download.

Create a new sitemap.xml, upload and verify it every time you publish changes to your website.

Getting lots of External Links inbound to and outbound from your website is hard work but you MUST do it!

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