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The spiders cannot look at your photos so they depend on you to supply Alternative Image Text so that they can “read” a description of your image.

If you don’t add a text caption below your images then its important to add this data to the page HTML. Note that the spiders can't read the captions inside iWeb Photo and Album templates which is one of many good reasons for not using them!

In the Audio Files/Export page you can see how to add Meta Data to your audio files.

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Rage Software have taken all the hard work out of this task with their application iWeb SEO Tool. Click the icon to get it.

NOTE: SEO Tool is no longer free!

iWeb SEO Tool

The Custom Meta Tag feature is not required in most cases but you can read about its function in the iWeb SEO Tool help file.

Watch the video to find out how....

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A typical Google entry comprises Title Tag, Meta Description and the URL to the page...

The title tag also appears above the URL in the browser...

... and in the bookmark...

Although you can add title tags in iWeb, you need to add the meta description and alternative image tags post publishing, so it makes more sense to do it all in one place.

Open the website folder in iWeb SEO Tool, add header, footer and analytics code if required and then click the “Apply to Entire Site” button.

Click the arrow next to the site folder icon and select the first HTML file.

Select the Title Tag tab and enter the text...

Select the Meta Tags tab and enter the meta description in the top box.

Now click the Apply button.

Do this for every page of your site. Every time you publish changes to your website, open the folder in SEO Tool, apply any updates to the tags in the individual pages and then click the  “Re-apply Saved Tags” button before optimizing and uploading to the server.

Note that I didn’t add any Meta Tags. Most search engines ignore these nowadays but they could be useful in some search areas.

Get step by step instructions for publishing, hosting and SEO...


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