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Before the world can feast their eyes on your wonderful creation, you will have to publish your website to a server.

The world is full of Hosting Services each vying for your business with amazing deals and fantastic features - or so they say!

I use, and highly recommend, Host Excellence.  I register my domain names with them as well so that everything is in one place and can be auto renewed  annually without me having to do anything.

Your website files are first published to a folder from iWeb and then uploaded to your server using an FTP application.

Although the latest version of iWeb has a built in FTP, its not the best in the world and there are still a lot of advantages to publishing your website to a local folder and uploading yourself.

The iWeb FTP doesn’t seem to have the ability to upload folders containing your music files and player assets etc. If it does then it sure isn’t obvious to me!

The freeware Cyberduck is also really simple to use and, of course, is free! The new Cyberduck Upload Dashboard Widget is worth a try to see if it saves you valuable time!

You’ll find both of these in the Applications section of this site or you can click the icons on this page.

File Transfer Protocol - FTP

Domains & Domain Names

Some people seem to confuse the terms Domain and Domain Name. They use them in the wrong context and, in their ignorance, confuse others!

Domain means territory. The territory for your website is the server space that it occupies.

The main purpose of a Domain Name is to provide a recognizable name to direct viewers to your numerical server IP address.  This translation from domain name to IP address is accomplished by using the Domain Name System (DNS). We won’t get anymore technical about this!

A hosting service will rent you space on their server and this is your Domain. A domain name registration company will register your Domain Name  - www.mywebsite.com - and direct it to your Domain. Your Domain has a unique IP address which is just a number like -

A good hosting service will do both for you and a lot of them will register your domain name for free if you host with them.

Yummy FTP


Host Excellence

Find out all about FTP in the How to Build a Custom Website and Step by Step Guide to Practical SEO ebooks.

Click HERE for an Apptorial Video about shortening URLs and masking.

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Yummy FTP

When I need to FTP I use and recommend Yummy FTP. You can see why from the screenshot below.

The application window allows me to see all the files on both my Mac and the server - side by side.

Being able to "see" into the root folder on your server and compare the files and their structure with those in your local folders goes a long way to helping you understand how things are organized and to trouble shoot any problems.

Files can be rearranged on both your Mac and the server, as well as up/downloading, simply by dragging them around.

Click HERE to find out how to get a free ebook when you sign up for a Host Excellence account.

Yummy now have a Lite version which is available from the App store for $1.99. Click HERE for more info.

Yummy FTP Lite

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