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If, for some reason, you are using a hosting service such as Apple’s MobileMe that doesn’t provide form mail or have the ability to run scripts, you may want to consider using a form service.

Before you commit yourself to this, consider the following:

Any web hosting that doesn’t provide these services is not giving you value for your money.

Do you really want to entrust a service to handling your database? I’m not suggesting that these companies are flakey or are likely to go out of business without warning but stuff like this does happen - be warned!

At the very least, you should make sure that any form service will supply you with a backup copy of your database in some useable format that can easily be imported into other applications. Keep an up to date copy of this on your Mac and on your server. Losing this information can have disastrous consequences.

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The form services mention here all have a “free” service which is usually restricted to about 100 submissions per month. For more realistic numbers you have pay and this can easily amount to over $100 per annum.

I would rater pay myself to do this!

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