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How to get a PDF document to display on a webpage using Google Docs Viewer

Copyright © Roddy McKay - 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Upload the PDF to a folder on your server

Note the URL - http://www.domain.com/Folder-Name/Document-Name.pdf

Go to: http://docs.google.com/viewer

Enter the URL tp the PDF and then click the “Generate Link” button.

Test  the document in the browser by going to - “To view now, click here.

If all is well, copy the iFrame code and paste it into an HTML Snippet on your webpage.

Adjust the iFrame height and width to display your PDF at its best. The frame below is set to Width: 960 and Height: 750 to suit a landscape PDF created in Keynote and a web page width of 980 px.

PDFs displayed in an iFrame will not display in most browsers - Safari being the notable exception.

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