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This is a text file [.rtfd] which has been exported from a text editor application as HTML, uploaded to the server and displayed on this page using a scrolling iFrame. The document is a tutorial from the ebook about adding custom features to a website.

Copyright © Roddy McKay - 2011 - All Rights Reserved

How to display an HTML document on a web page using an iFrame code.

Bean is excellent freeware for editing text and will export as HTML.

Click the icon to get Bean...

TIP:  This method is a good way to display and replace dated material on a website. Once the web page is set up with the iFrame, its just a question of uploading a new version of the HTML file to the server to replace the old one of the same name.

For example, if the file is name “Newsletter.html” and it is in a folder “Docs” on the server, the URL will be....


Uploading a new version of Newsletter.html to Docs will replace the original. This new version will appear on the page in the browser without you having to make changes to the page in iWeb and republishing.

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Alternatively you can simply Link To the document so that it opens in a new browser window.

This technique is useful for a terms and conditions page. When a visitor checks the box and clicks the "Accept" button, they are then taken to the appropriate page to a sign up form, order form etc.