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MailShoot from Rage Software

Copyright © Roddy McKay - 2011 - All Rights Reserved

If you want to take control over your email marketing, the application MailShoot will quickly and easily help you with all aspects of the process.

At first sight it may seem relatively expensive but, when you consider the cost of standalone bulk emailing software and the time it takes to learn to code a contact form, it is a very cost effective way to go.

MailShoot will pay for itself over and over when compared with the cost of service from one of the companies mentioned on the previous page.


MailShoot Features:

Import your contacts from Address Book and other file types

Create any number of mailing lists

Customize the database fields

Easily add remove or delete subscribers

Contact list manager to remove bounced emails with one click

Choose from Plain Text or Colorful HTML messages

Send to all or selected customers option

Easily create contact forms - no html required

Works with iWeb created sites hosted at MobileMe

Can be used with iWeb...

... and MobileMe

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