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Creating a PDF

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The PDF [Portable Digital File] is the most universal and just about all your website visitors will be able to download and view a document in this format.

For an introduction to PDFs and how to make them available for download, go to .....


With the appropriate software, creating PDFs is fairly easy in a technical sense. Getting it to look “artistic” and achieving a professional layout is another matter!

If, like me, you have little or no artistic ability, its better to keep things fairly simple. Don’t try to crowd too much information on any page. One great advantage of digital media is that extra pages don’t cost much and updating and error correction is quick and easy.

My “go to” software for creating PDFs is Keynote which is part of Apple’s iWork.

Although its primary function is creating slideshow presentations, I prefer the way it works to its companion application Pages.

Keynote also has the ability to export any selection of “slides” as JPEG images and, even more useful, it can create HTML documents.

For creating text documents, Bean is hard to beat for ease of use, features and price - its free!

Bean can export text as HTML which makes it very useful for creating docs that can be loaded onto an web page in a Scrolling iFrame.

The latest version, which is still in beta at the time of writing, can now handle images and export PDFs.

Bean Beta



Its generally agreed that iWeb is missing one essential feature - the ability to create tables.

These can be compiled in any of the iWork applications but, if you can’t justify the expense or don’t think you will use it very often, there is a good donation-ware alternative.

NeoOffice is developed from OpenOffice. It has most of the features that anyone could want. Check it out by clicking the icon....


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