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Flash is arguably the most popular method of playing video on a website and is likely to be with us for some time.

Note that a flash movie is completely different from a flash movie player.

The common flash formats are .swf and .flv

You can convert a QuickTime format such as .mov or .mp4 to flash with a suitable application such as Video2SWF.

Getting a flash movie to play on your site is just a matter of referencing the file in an iFrame code.

<iframe width="640"  height="480" frameborder="0" src="http://www.domain.com/Folder/file.swf"


Just enter the width and height of your own movie and the URL to the file on the server and paste the code into an HTML Snippet on your web page.

Controls, autostart, loop and player type are set in the SWF file.

.swf file

Adobe Flash Player

Flash Movie using a SWF file and an iFrame

Using a flash player you can play other file types such as .mov and .mp4. We'll look at this on the next page.

Both methods depend on the fact the the users browser has the Flash Player plugin installed.

.flv file


Click HERE to view the HTML5 version for iPhone/iPad

Click the button to compare the same movie uploaded to Vimeo...

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