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Movie Player Showcase

An overview of different ways to play movie files on a website using QuickTime , Flash, HTML5, Vimeo, YouTube, JW Longtail TV and HTML5 with fallback to flash for browsers like Internet Explorer that don’t support this new technology.

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QuickTime Player

QuickTime Embed

QuickTime New Window

QuickTime Javascript

QuickTime Poster Frame

Flash to HTML5

HTML5 to Flash

Easy Movie HTML5 and Flash Players

Flash Players

SWF File in an iFrame

Easy All Browser Media Player

Fallback Players to Work in any Browser or Device

HTML5 with Fallback to Flash

Flash with Fallback to HTML5



Click either of the above buttons to see a Vimeo and a YouTube Movie open in a popup window.

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Find out more about getting Vimeo and YouTube Movies onto a web page.

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