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The players on this page are based on the JW Longtail V 5 flash player. To enable them on your website you need to upload a folder containing your MP3 or MP4 files, the jwplayer.js file and the player.swf to the root folder on your server. Download the JS and the SWF by clicking the icon of the JWFlash folder on this page.

The one shown above is a single player with custom colors. The initial volume has been set to 50%, the width at 300 px and no autostart.

The basic embed code is:


  flashvars="file= http://www.domain.com/Folder-Name/Song-Title.mp4&autostart=false&volume=50"







The example below shows three players in a "container". The code for each players is combined into one HTML Snippet along with the html for the Song Title and Artist's Name. The type and color of the font is also specified in the code.

Customized Flash Player

JWFlash Folder Contents

Upload Folder

* If you are viewing this page with an iPhone/iPad, click HERE for the HTML5 version. *

For those of you who want more detail, there is a step by step tutorial in the iWeb for Musicians Tutorial EBook. Click the icon to the right for more info.............

HTML5 and Flash Player Combined

Showing the Volume Control in Google Chrome and Firefox

Javascript JW Audio Flash Player

Javascript with HTML title

Javascript Stack

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