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The single most important feature on a Musician’s website is being able to play music to strut your stuff!

In this section we are going to look at various ways of doing this - from the simple to the not-so-simple.

Unless you want to give away your music, you need to edit each song file to about a minute or so. This should be a section that is representative of the song but leaves the listener gasping for more.

Until recently, the generally accepted format for music files on websites was MP3. This is a compressed file format and the sample rate can be varied from very acceptable to downright bad.

Audio files presented in an MP4 container are of far higher quality with only a small increase in file size.

Find out more about getting your tracks ready for the internet in the Audio Files section of this site.

Website Music

Web Browsers and Plugins

How you implement audio on your website is very important as you need to cater for the different computer operating systems and browsers.

In general, browsers require a plugin to play audio and video with the exception of those that support HTML5. The most popular of these are Adobe Flash Player and Apple's QuickTime Player.

Unfortunately, not everybody has both. While all Macs are equipped with QuickTime, a large percentage of PCs aren't and are more likely to have the flash plugin.

When Apple introduced iOS for the iPhone and iPad, they decided not to support flash on these devices due to the instability of the plugin and the amount of processing power to run it. With the development of HTML5, most modern browsers can now play media without a plugin so we need to consider this as being the next big thing in website audio and the preferred way to present media for those using portable devices.

MP4 Player using the QuickTime plugin

MP3 Player using the Adobe Flash plugin

HTML5 player using an MP4 file for Google Chrome and Safari and an OGG file for Firefox

Click the icon to download QuickTime Player

Click the icon to download the Adobe Flash Plugin

Its a good idea to offer your website visitors a quick way to download the plugins.

Control click the Flash and QuickTime icons to download them to your desktop and drag them onto your iWeb page. Then make each one a hyperlink to the appropriate download page.

Unless you own the copyrights on a musical composition, you need to obtain a license to play it on your website.

These are explained here -  http://www.iwebformusicians.com/DistributeandPromote/CopyrightPublishing.html

The institutions who protect and manage these copyrights have big bucks to sue offenders. You have been warned!

See THIS PAGE for an example of how to make sure visitors can hear your music in all browsers and most devices such as PC/iPhone/iPad.

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Note: the above player can use either MP3 or MP4 files and is capable of both Flash & HTML5 playback.

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