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This section is about preparing images and displaying them as thumbnails which can be expanded to a full size image rather than a slideshow which are dealt with in a separate section - Banner & Sliders.

Photographers and artists want to display images that do credit to their work. However, too many large image on a webpage will cause it to download so slowly that a lot of potential customers will not wait around for this to happen.

If you want to display a number of photos on one page, its better to load them as thumbnails that link to another page with an enlarged version.

At the outset lets be clear about this. You cannot protect your images from being downloaded so watermark them with your © notice if you feel they will be taken for unauthorized use.

Copyright © Roddy McKay - 2011 - All Rights Reserved

iWeb has an “Optimize Images on Import” feature which you can turn off in Preferences to have more control over image size and quality.

Protecting Against Download

Optimizing Images

Photo & Album Page Templates

The iWeb Photos and My Albums templates can be useful for quickly displaying a large number of images. Try to keep the number and file size of these images down to a reasonable amount otherwise your web page will take a long time to download. One good reason for not using a Photos template is the problem with SEO....

Photos & Search Engine Optimization

As with movies and music, the search engine spiders cannot see your photos so, if you want them to be indexed in any meaningful way, you need to provide a relevant caption and a description.

You can also provide alternative image tags using the freeware iWeb SEO Tool.

NOTE: The search engine spiders cannot read the the captions of images in a Photos or Albums template. Nor can SEO Tool create alternate image tags for them.

An Introduction to Displaying Photos On Your Website

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