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Cross Browser Compatibility

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1. Text based navigation menu (Better for all web browsers and search engines)
2. Web-safe fonts (Always a good idea to use no matter what)
3. No shadows and reflections for text and images
4. YouTube for video, not QuickTime
5. No embedded images from third-party websites
6. WebCrusher’s ‘Improve Internet Explorer Compatibility’ option (plus makes your site faster too!)
7. Check compatibility in all web browsers

Make Your Website More Compatible With Internet Explorer

This movie will help you to get your website to display better in Internet Explorer...


Web pages download up to 60% faster.

WebCrusher is a very simple to use optimizer application. Just drag your published folder onto the application icon and WebCrusher will do the rest.

WebCrusher now has the option to make your iWeb built site display more accurately in Internet Explorer.

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The How To Build a Custom Website Ebook covers web-safe fonts, adding drop shadows and frames, and getting your movies and music to play in all browsers and devices.