Alternative methods of Publishing an iWeb Built Website

Now that MobileMe doomed to fade into history and its successor, iCloud, has no facilities to for publishing websites, its time for those of you who have been restricted by the facilities on the Apple Server to enjoy the benefits of real hosting. Click HERE to check out website hosting.

Clicking the site name at the top of the left column in iWeb will open the Site Publishing Settings page. Here you can choose to publish to [1] an FTP Server directly from iWeb or [2] to a local folder.



Option [1] allows you to publish your site without leaving the iWeb application.

FTP Server Settings:

Server Address can be entered as “” or you can enter the IP number as shown in the example below.

Note that the FTP login and password will be different from your hosting account login info. Be sure to make a note of all this or get a copy of the cheat sheet - see below.

The Directory/Path field is left blank when you are uploading to the root folder on the server and its only necessary to fill this in if you are publishing to a sub folder.

Click the “test Connection” button and, if all is well, you can publish from the iWeb File menu or use the “Publish Site” button in the iWeb tool bar.

Two items are uploaded to the root folder on the server - an index.html file and a folder containing your website files.

The index.html file causes your website to open at the first, or home, page when a visitor enters “” into the browser.

The folder name is the same as the name you gave your website in iWeb and which appears at the top of the left column in the application window. This folder name appears in the URL for each page of the site....

Click HERE to find out how to remove this folder name from the URL.

Click the icon for website hosting info.

Option [2] publishes the files to a local folder and, by default, this would be Home Folder/Sites.

This allows you to add Tags for SEO and to Optimize the files for faster download.

The files are then uploaded using an FTP Application.

The Publishing Workflow Checklist will guide you through the process.

The Search Engine Optimization EBook covers all the necessary steps for signing up for website hosting, registering a domain name, publishing and uploading the files via FTP, search engine optimizing, preparing the files for faster download and lots more. There’s also a download link to the cheat sheet for listing all the info required.

The How To Build a Custom Website Ebook also covers FTP and how to prepare and upload other files such as PDFs, Music and Video files and the assets required for website media players.

Click HERE to check out website hosting.

Both of the paid hosting alternatives mentioned on the above page will transfer your files from MobileMe to your new host for free if you ask tech support.

A big black iCloud is hanging over MobileMe...

See this Apple Info Page for details and for comprehensive instructions on moving your website to another server, see this Apple Support Doc.

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