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I really don't know why some people are concerned about what appears in the address box in the browser when a web page is loaded. All I can say is that the web page can't be very interesting if the URL is what occupies their attention! Its not as though anybody has to remember it - that's why we have bookmarks.

If you need people to be able to remember your URL, make sure its distinctive and appropriate to the content of your website. All they have to do is remember "". That's easy isn't it? Try typing into your browser. Did that take you to the home page?

One common problem is finding that you have an extra name in the URL like....

This will happen if you upload your website files using the iWeb FTP because it uploads the whole folder produced by iWeb. The folder, which has the same name as your site in iWeb, creates an extra layer in the file structure on the server and causes the - "website-name/" - in the URL.

You can get rid of this by publishing your site to a local folder and uploading the contents of this folder rather than the folder itself using an FTP application. The image below shows the files and the target folder on the server selected in the FTP application - Yummy FTP.

If you are vain about your URL then you are certainly going to want to have a Favicon. These are the little icons that sit to the left hand side of the URL in the browser. Mine is shown in [1] and is made up in Keynote. I took a screenshot of it and cropped it to 64 x 64 px.

Then I went to - - and followed steps [2] through [6].

The resulting favicon.ico file was them uploaded to my website root folder on the server and, after checking "Remove all website icons" in the Safari Reset Menu, the favicon appeared next to the URL of all the pages of that site.


Apple Favicon










Note how all the root folders for my websites in this Host Excellence account are lined up side by side and that I have named them the same as the domain name. Most hosting services don't allow this sort of thing which is one of the many reasons why I use HOST EXCELLENCE.

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My Favicon

Here's an Apptorial Video about this subject and it is well worth having a look at to find out about Masking and why you shouldn't use it.

Find this and other related videos HERE.

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