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Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting

I choose to host all my sites with Host Excellence. Their service, facilities and ease of use have proved to be superior to the mighty GoDaddy - especially in the area of tech support.

While HE tech support via phone and email has always been above average, the latest innovation has brought it to a new high. Every account holder is assigned a personal support person who can be contacted direct during their advertised business hours for any help and questions you feel require more attention than a standard trouble ticket. This service alone is worth the price of admission.

Registering your Domain name through your website hosting company makes domain forwarding and renewal a lot easier. Host Excellence offer a hosting account with three free domain registrations for about the cost of a MobileMe account. This account allows you up to 15 websites with dedicated IP addresses and therefore 15 different domain names with unlimited web space.

Not all hosting services are created equal and you tend to get what you pay for. When comparing costs its important to look at what the cheaper services DON'T give you! Here are some of the main requirements:

A well established company with a modern facility in a "civilized" country.

Fast and expert 24/7 tech support

Domain registration service

The number of dedicated IP addresses for your money

Unlimited web space

Unlimited data transfer

Large single and total mailbox quota

Webmail, email forwarding and auto-responders

The ability to run any scripts and host any databases you may require

Make sure your order a LINUX account.

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IXwebhosting is owned by the same company as Host Excellence. The setup and features are very similar but the service is highly recommended for those who are new to FTP and particularly those who are moving sites from MobileMe. Here's why...

iXWebHosting is actually a better bet for those who want to have the option of two IP addresses with the basic hosting plan. Its a good choice for those who only have one site but want two versions of it - one conventional and the other mobile.


I tried it our for a photography studio who built their main site with iWeb and published to MobileMe. The iX rep transferred their files from MobileMe and redirected the domain name for them. That's good customer service!


After creating the mobile site, I had the choice of adding it with a separate IP address or to use a sub domain.


A mobile version of a website is essential nowadays and this is a case in point since the studio reported a large increase in customer enquiries almost immediately after the mobile version was published.

Click HERE to find out how use iWeb to create a mobile version of your website for iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.

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