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Why iWeb ?

Macs were made for musicians - and other clever people too!

Once you have used a Mac, you will see that PCs running Windows are a bunch of clunky dinosaurs. The operating system is so far out in front of that the “opposition” look as though they’re going backwards.

The graphics are stunning and the learning curve for new applications falls away to almost zero as you get into it.

iMacs are so portable that you don’t need a laptop - maybe just a roadie to scoop it up under one arm.

Every Mac comes loaded with lots of useful software.

One of these applications is iWeb - part of the iLife package.

iWeb is very straight forward and easy to use for the word go. At first sight, it may seem to be very limited but there’s lots of ways to make it go “outside of the box”.

Like all applications designed for the Apple OSX operating system, iWeb has a comprehensive Help menu that covers all the basics.

There also an excellent user forum at  - http://discussions.apple.com/forum

iWeb is a template based website building application and there is a fairly good choice of built in templates. Each template has a choice of ready built layouts.



While iWeb is probably the easiest and most intuitive website design software around, there are quit a few alternatives. Click HERE to download a PDF introducing some of them. 

Alternative Website Design Software

Beyond iWeb...

With the introduction of the HTML Snippet widget in iWeb '08 came the possibility of adding a huge range of features to iWeb built sites.

The essentials such as contact forms, comments, popup windows and iframes to name a few.

These snippets also allow better ways to display media using various video and music players, banners and slideshows.

Many examples of these are included in the How to Build a Custom Website ebook which includes step by step instructions and download links to all the files, assets and codes required.

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