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How To Build A Custom Website Ebook


The ebook - How To Build A Custom Website - contains step by step instructions to help you create all the features you need to create a unique, media rich website.

Each project has a download link to a folder containing all the required files, assets and code necessary to complete it. This alone will save you a lot a time and hair pulling!

Web Design Basics:

Design software

Guidelines for text content

Preparing images for the internet

File handling

Publishing and uploading via FTP


Preparing files for download

iFrames and how to use them

Website Features:

Enable visitor comments

Contact forms

HTML documents

Password protecting pages and folders

Popup windows

Website search feature

Mapping your website

Website Media:

Preparing media files for the web


MP3 and MP4 music players

Multi song playlist player

QuickTime and HTML5

Button Players

Music Store WIdget


Scrolling Text and Images

Javascript banners

Banners with hyperlinks and captions





Poster Frames

Easy website movie method




JW media player

VideoJS media player

Vimeo & YouTube customized


JQuery slideshow

Easy visual slideshow

The Amazing "Anything" Slider



Wow slider

Simple javascript slideshows


How to display large images

Popup images

Rollover images

Rollover image hyperlinks

Mouse over to enlarge images


Publishing and SEO

Promotion and sales

Selling songs on the internet

Build a Musician's Website

Help and tech support

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How To Build A Custom Website...

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